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Antonio Davila, Jr., PhD

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Antonio Dávila Jr, PhD, M.S. is an Asst. Professor CE in the School of Nursing and is the Lab director and senior research investigator at the Penn Acute Research Collaboration (PARC) at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Dávila collaborates with Penn physicians to design and conduct clinical research on emergent and trauma patients. Dr. Dávila is an established mitochondrial biologist whose research centers on NAD+ metabolism and mitochondrial bioenergetics in the immune cells of trauma patients. The scope of his research includes not only understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying trauma patient outcomes, but also seeks to address the chronic environmental stress conditions of our patient’s neighborhoods as a directly contributing factor to those patient outcomes. 

Since 2016, Dr. Dávila has taught the freshman course NURS061, Biologically-based chemistry, in the Penn School of Nursing. This course takes a practical approach by relating the textbook chemistry material with real-world clinical and research situations using videos and guest lectures presented by working nurses and nurse scientists. Dr. Dávila has mentored undergraduate and graduate students and supports student trainees in his laboratory and field research.  

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