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Poster Submission Guidelines

Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice Conference Poster Session features two types of posters: Original Research and Research Translation. Individuals wishing to submit abstracts to the Research Conference Poster Session should review the guidelines below and click the link to complete the submission process.

  • Only completed projects will be accepted. Submissions that report data collection or analysis in progress will be rejected. Quantitative research study submissions must include results from completed statistical analysis, and qualitative research study submissions must include results from completed and identified qualitative methodology. EBP/Qi/PI project submissions must include results that demonstrate change in practice with data points before and after the practice change. Evidence of sustainability is highly suggested.

  • Submitters must choose the appropriate category for their submission. You are required to use the four headers provided in scoring rubric that matches your project. You may use more than four headers in your poster if needed, but you must use the four headers provided for each type of poster presentation.

    • For research the four required headers are: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Implications. (Meta-analyses and systematic reviews should follow PRISMA guidelines and be submitted as research studies.)

    • For research translation/EBP projects the four required headers are: Clinical Problem, Existing Research Evidence, Framework, Project Measures and Outcomes.

  • Submitters should ensure that their poster submissions are clear, concise, and correct. Make sure that there are no spelling and grammar errors. Use of first person (I/We) is perfectly acceptable. Keep in mind that the reader probably does not know your topic as well as you do.

  • A good poster title makes it obvious to the reader the type of project presented  and the main outcome of the project at a quick glance.

  • It is the responsibility of those submitting posters to ensure that they have permission from their institution to share data in the poster.

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